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Research Wing ( Punjab)

It is clear now more than ever that Pakistani democratic parties cannot effectively participate in politics without a wing solely dedicated to research. Having such a body working effectively ensures that both present and future public policies would reflect the people’s needs, inspiring vigorous response and action from their respective representatives; something I’ve personally envisioned for years. The PML(N) Research Wing Punjab was founded in an attempt to provide a factual base to policy making and revise the structure of politics.

I am proud to have observed the way in which – within a year – this initiative has modified our way of thinking with regards to public strategy. The tireless efforts of our team have culminated in progress in not only the fields of healthcare and food security, but also education and youth affairs among others. This initiative is multifaceted and aims to encapsulate all matters that fall under the sphere of public responsibility. I commend the expertise of my team and it is with immense satisfaction that I look back on all they have accomplished in the past year,

most notably their role in comparison and analysis of the Budget 2020-2021 and their provision of data/facts to legislators for all mediums of media. Future endeavours are already underway and with what has already been achieved, I am beyond optimistic to see what this wing promises to policy making and leadership in the coming years. I’d like to congratulate the entire team behind the PML(N) Research Wing Punjab for all the success and hope they continue working to effectively bring all their goals to fruition.

Rana Mashhood Ahmad Khan
(Former Education Minister Punjab)

I explicitly remember it was a sultry late afternoon of May 2019. “It has to be a dedicated entity which performs research and communicates effectively, to generate impact on public policy” Rana Mashhood was very clear about his vision. Five hours, four of us concluded after third round of  “Adrak Wali Chai” that there is a need of a purpose based platform to bring knowledge and policy making together through research, references, data collection and comparisons.

I am sure Zeeshan Malik and Hamid Falki would remember the extensive deliberation we had that day. Today that brainstorming has been translated into The Research Wing of PML(N) Punjab– Another jewel in the party crown.

Question arises why do we need to do research? Simple answer is to study a subject, project, intervention, services or performance in detail, especially to discover new information to appreciate and address gaps for future development. And when we translate the phenomena into the context of a political party,

It entails its continuous development stretching from leadership to delivery.Some of the key objectives of The Research Wing (RW) includes, keeping our legislators, spokespersons and media representatives informed and updated about latest situation in major sectors like economy and finance, health care, education reforms, agriculture and irrigation, infrastructure development are few to mention. Facilitating our public representatives with required information for effective participation in assembly business. And most importantly evolving future leadership through capacity building. Research wing has constituted dedicated working groups to address areas of prime focus directly impacting public policy and life of a common man. Each working group comprises of public representatives and professionals/experts of specialised fields. Hence providing opportunity of capacity building to the legislators.

Saira Bano